Brick Mansions Releases in 2014!

Your source for updates and discussion of the exciting new action film starring Paul Walker, David Belle and RZA.  Brick Mansions Movie is a remake of the Luc Besson-written action film District B13 ("Banlieue 13").  According to our sources, the movie is being filmed in Montreal, Canada.  As the 2014 release date approaches we'll have more fun news and gossip about the film!

Paul Walker will play an undercover detective chasing a weapon of mass destruction that was stolen by a drug dealer in the ghetto known as Brick Mansions. He seeks help from the incredibly agile Lino (David Belle), who knows Brick Mansions better than anyone and is the only person not cowering in fear of the drug dealer.


Paul Walker

David Belle


Recent News:
According to this article, the Brick Mansions movie is already in production:

Coming Soon!

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